Nexus 5 or Nexus 7: Fix MTP connection problems with Windows PC USB connection

When connecting my Nexus 5 to my Windows PC, it was NOT showing up in Windows Explorer.  This also happened with my Nexus 7.

First things first – make sure you have the proper USB driver installed for your Nexus.  Here is a link to download the Google USB driver.  Another solution is to use a Universal ADB (Android Debug Bridge) Driver for Windowsdeveloped by Koushik Dutta in April 2013.  Just click here to download and install the driver – it will work for most all reasonably popular Android devices.

Once you have the proper USB driver installed, you may still have problems browsing your device from Windows Explorer.  Here’s what I needed to do to fix the problem:

Go to Device Manager.  At first, the Nexus device showed up under a heading of “Android Device”.


Uninstall the driver and delete it (check the box).


Next, unplug and replug the device.  It will then show up under Portable Devices.


Uninstall this driver too.  Then, unplug and replug again.  This time, Windows will install the correct driver, and you should be able to access your device’s data files from Windows Explorer.

31 thoughts on “Nexus 5 or Nexus 7: Fix MTP connection problems with Windows PC USB connection

  1. Ah, finally a solution that works. The step I was missing was to “delete the driver software for this device.”

  2. I did this several times, exactly as recommended, but my Nexus 5 still doesn’t show in Win 7 explorer. Any suggestion?

    1. If this process doesn’t work for you, it’s possible that you don’t have a USB driver installed for your Nexus Android device. I just updated the post with a link to download Google’s USB driver, or a universal USB Android driver. Try installing one of these drivers and let me know if it works for you.

  3. At first could only connect as camera using PTP. Followed your suggestions and it worked first time. Windows 8 + rooted Nexus 7 2012. Thanks.

  4. How this works for me Windows 8

    1- goto device and printers there you will find nexus 7 under unspecified devices
    2- right click on it goto properties >change settings >driver>update driver
    Select >browse computer for driver > let me pick from a list of devices >select mtp USB device
    And there you go

  5. Thank you! This worked fantastically. I uninstalled the drivers of my Nexus 7 while it was connected and then installed the provided google drivers. After reconnecting the N7 it was picked up.

  6. for me after uninstalling ADB interface from Android device , and plugging again the device lists MTP USB device again under portable device and tries to install again MTP USB but fails to do so.
    it doesnt lists nexus 5.

    can you pls help

    1. I haven’t done this in a while, but it sounds like you missed a step. Try repeating the procedure again, being very careful to follow the steps exactly. Please reply with the results.

  7. Thanks so much for the advice of DELETING the ADB driver for Nexus 7 (“Uninstall the driver and delete it (check the box”).

    Uninstalling without BOLDLY deleting it doesn’t help because Windows 7 will again use the same when Nexus is reconnected via USB again.

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