Samsung Galaxy Devices – how to replace S-Voice with Google Voice Search when you double press the Home button

I have always used Google Voice Commands, and I don’t want to mess with Samsung’s S-Voice. You might have noticed that double pressing the center home button launches S-Voice.  Here’s how to change that behavior to launch Google Now or Google voice search.

  1. Launch S Voice (sorry, you have to accept the terms and conditions to do this).  Go into S Voice settings and uncheck the “Open via the Home key” box in the General Settings category. This prevents S Voice from launching when you double tap the home button.
  2. Open Google Play and install the “Home2 Shortcut” app.  Make sure you search for “home2” without a space between “home” and “2”
  3. Open Home2 Shortcut and configure it to launch Google Voice Search when you double tap of the home button. 
  4. Under settings, step 1:  choose Application –> Installed Applications –> Voice Search. 
  5. Step 2:  Keep double tap interval at “Normal”
  6. Step 3:  set single tap Application to your launcher (in my case, Nova Launcher)
  7. Step 4:  click on the Close button, and then select your launcher again, select “Home2 Launcher”, click the “Always” box, and select OK. 

If you mess up and select the wrong option in step 7, then you need to set your Home application again.   To do this, go to Settings –> Application Manager.  Then select your current Home application (Nova Launcher in my case), and select “Clear Defaults”. 

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